Family business



Long Story short… it starts with a solution. Eva enjoys drinking Chai Latte, but can’t find delicious Chai – unless she makes it herself. The Chai from her home kitchen makes it to Cafés across Europe and enjoys great popularity.

Evas passion for Ayurveda and sustainability forms the basis of Black Sense Manufaktur. She started the project in early 2016 and is the owner of Black Sense Manufaktur. With her team of four, she produces the only organic Specialty Chai Syrup for professional use in Cafés and at home. You can find more info about our Chai Syrup in our FAQ.

Boil spices for Chai Syrup



Kai is Evas husband and has been involved from the get-go. He supports Eva and, among other things, moved into a campervan with her to tackle Europe-wide sales together. His passion is Café culture. Having worked as a barista for many years, he also knows the gastronomy from the other side of the counter. Kai is responsible for sales at Black Sense Manufacture.


A friend, a dedicated supporter at markets and fairs from the start. You need friends like that as a young founder! It’s fortunate that he also studied business administration and now manages marketing at Black Sense. Instagram & Co. are his area of expertise. Fun fact, Sunays girlfriend Lina is the face of our B2B communication. And so we have come full circle.


Margit is Evas mother and joined straight away as a cook. She prepares the Chai and fills each bottle lovingly by hand. You can taste her care, we are certain of it.


Michael is Evas father and was instantly excited about Eva’s business plans. He assists Eva as commercial manager and manages everything in the office to keep the Chai flowing.

No Compromises


  • Organic & Vegan

  • Handmade

  • Sustainable

  • Economical

  • Versatile

  • Ayurvedic