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Cafés, Bars & Retail

Professional Chai Sirup for Barista

Handy 1 Liter-bottle (pump dispenser available separately)

You own a Café or a store? You are a host who loves spoiling their guests with unique, high quality products? You are a retailer and your customers trust in your preselection? We developed our Chai sirup especially for you! As a passionate barista, you probably carefully select the sources from which you draw your coffee, you might even have a direct trade partner, or roast the beans yourself? Most Cafés already serve Chai Latte, however, most conventional Chai products are produced industrially and have little in common with the genuine Indian Chai. Looking closely you will find flavor additives and milk constituents among the ingredients. We want to change that!

Culturally rooted in India, Chai is a drink traditionally served with milk and sugar. We want to give you the possibility to offer your guests an excellent Chai Latte – without compromises. You want to include our Black Sense Chai sirup in your menu/assortment?

Our retail sizes: 150 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml

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