We cook our spices according to Ayurvedic tradition and thus create a unique brew, which we boil with the natural preservative that has been tried and tested for thousands of years – whole cane sugar. Our Chai is not only characterized by the high quality and enjoyment of our founder, but also by her passion for Ayurveda.
Ginger Cinnamon Chili
Yes… But – in Ayurveda and in many naturopathic treatments, labor is induced with the help of tea containing cinnamon. You can consume 2 cups (approx. 40 ml chai syrup) daily without hesitation.
At home we recommend heating the milk in a small saucepan, but do not let it boil, a temperature of around 70° C is sufficient. Use the (hand) frother of your choice to whip the milk a little more creamy. We recommend a mixing ratio of chai to milk of 1:10, so now put 10-20ml of chai syrup in a ceramic cup and pour the creamy, hot milk over it. If you preheat the cup with hot water beforehand, you will have more of your chai.
The founder, Eva, has cooked the original recipe for herself and simply cannot tolerate black tea… but if you like drinking black tea, you can of course add a dash of chai and some milk – a pleasure!
Maybe even in your favorite café. Feel free to check our store locator.
Nope. We are an owner-managed family business.
Yes for sure. Our products are 100% organic and our company is certified. You can find our certification here.
Only water, whole cane sugar, molasses and spices go into our boilers. We craft with care in a gluten-free environment.

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