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What distinguishes Black Sense Chai from other Chai?

We cook our spices following Ayurvedic tradition to produce a unique brew, which we boil down with a natural preservative that has been tried and tested for thousands of years – whole cane sugar. Our Chai is not only based on the high quality and taste standards of our founder, but also on her passion for Ayurveda.

What is the right way to prepare a Black Sense Chai?

At home, we recommend heating the milk in a small saucepan, but do not let it boil, a temperature of around 70°C is sufficient. Use the (hand) whisk of your choice to make the milk a little creamier. Now pour 10-20 ml of Chai syrup into a ceramic cup and pour over the creamy, hot milk. If you preheat the cup with hot water beforehand, your Chai will stay hot longer.

Can you enjoy Black Sense Chai with any “milk”?

Absolutely! All types of plant milk are suitable, as well as good cow’s milk. We would always prefer organic milk, then you know that the animal has been treated well and this milk certainly tastes better.

Why is there no black tea in your Chai – isn’t there supposed to be?

Black tea… the right brewing time and method is a science in itself. But one thing can be said outright: You don’t need black tea in your Chai. But if you feel like it, why not make yourself a light black tea and add it to your Chai.

Can you drink Chai Latte with Black Sense Chai Syrup during pregnancy?

Due to the labor promoting properties of our Ayurvedic Masala, you should leave it at 1-2 cups. In India and in naturopathy, cinnamon is still used today to induce labor naturally.

Where can Black Sense Chai bottles be purchased?

Check out our retailer list. If you want to be on the safe side, we recommend calling the retailers first.

Does the Black Sense Manufaktur belong to a large corporation?

No. Black Sense Chai is a family-run manufacture and completely independent.

Are you really organic?

We are certified organic according to the EU organic regulation and all our products are exclusively available in organic quality. —> Click here to view the certificate.

Is your Chai vegan?

Yes, certainly. Apart from spices, water and whole cane sugar, nothing else goes into the kettle.

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How much sugar does a bottle of Chai contain, how much a glass of Chai Latte?

100ml of Chai syrup contain a maximum of 47g of sugar. With a mixing ratio of 1:10, your finished drink (250ml) contains a maximum of 9.4g of sugar from the Chai. In addition, there are about 8g sugar from the (plant) milk. For comparison, the same amount (250ml) of cola contains 26,5g sugar. If you would like to reduce the sugar intake, we recommend a mixing ratio of 1:15. It is worth mentioning here that our sugar is unrefined whole cane sugar from the sugar cane juice.

Where can I find nutritional information?

You can find a nutritional value table on our product page. —> Click here for the nutritional table.

Can empty bottles be returned?

Unfortunately not. But the best way to dispose of the bottles is in a waste glass container. The Dual System ensures that the used glass can be turned into a new glass bottle. This is actually more resource friendly than if we were to rinse the old bottles. If you like, you can also create a beautiful upcycling bottle with a few simple steps. Hand soap dispensers are just one idea.

How can people support you?

The best thing is to tell the owner of your favourite café about us. We would be very excited to provide even more people with moments of indulgence.