specialty chai sirup

Brought to the essential

100% Organic

Our syrup is made exclusively with organic ingredients, is vegan and gluten-free.

Hot & Cold

Hot Chai Latte or Iced Chai? Everything is possible.

Barista Black Sense and black pitcher


Our chai is cooked by hand and according to an Ayurvedic recipe.

Easy preparation

Chai latte in two easy steps. Put the syrup in the cup, add the milk – and you’re done.

1 L = 50 drinks


Naturally durable

Without Tea

Late Art ready

Less to rinse

pump two times

Simply pour syrup into the cup of your choice = no contaminated steamer

Foam milk

Simply any milk or vegetable alternative tastes good with our syrup.

Pour over

Our syrup dissolves completely in hot and cold milk (alternative). You don’t need a spoon and you don’t have to stir.

Free Sample

Order your free sample* now and give it a try.

* The “Free Sample” offer is only valid for registered gastronomy and (shop) businesses.

Black Sense Free Sample

Get your starter set now

For your first order of organic chai syrup in liter bottles, we give new customers a pump for free. Then you have a simple handling in the preparation and can conjure up Chai Latte for your guests directly.

“So quick to prepare without having to compromise. My guests love the Black Sense Chai Latte.”

Gianna Gilgen

Café Heimisch | Cologne