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Suitable for all Black Sense bottles. So you can dose your chai syrup spill-free, 2ml per pump. And you also have the soap dispenser upcycling attachment at hand. For the smaller bottles, the riser can be shortened with scissors.
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Ayurvedic Chai Latte without compromise

Put 20 ml of syrup in a cup

If you like it a little less intense - start with 10 ml of syrup.

Warm up and froth the milk

You can use cow's milk, or an alternative of your choice.

Pour over the milk and simply enjoy

The syrup will dissolve completely and you don't need a spoon to stir it.

Good reasons

Organic & Vegan

Organic & Vegan



Ayurvedic masala

Ayurvedic masala

Ayurvedic masala


Cinnamon is considered a warming spice in Ayurveda that can stimulate the digestive fire (Agni) and cleanse the body of toxins. In our masala, cinnamon is the base. We use cassia - and it is absolutely harmless. We get our cinnamon from small farmers in Indonesia.


Popular not only as a fresh root, we use dried ginger from Sri Lanka. Our long-term goal is to obtain ginger from Europe, where we are currently still working on gentle drying, which is done in the "usual" countries by the extremely low-CO2 sun itself.


Our capsules are green and crispy. In our masala, the cardamom is allowed to develop fully in the cauldron. Not everyone's cup of tea, which is why a particularly balanced and well-rounded mixture was the be-all and end-all for us.


Cloves are the dried flower buds, we let them bloom again in the cauldron. The essential oils, such as eugenol, give cloves their characteristic flavour and health benefits. In traditional medicine, cloves are used as an antiseptic.


Yes - correctly. We don't take pepper... Why? Pepper has the property of leaving a somewhat bitter aftertaste. You can't say the same about chili. Chili just pops sexy hot on the tongue. Our masala is balanced and spicy and has only a slight spiciness in the finish.