Handmade & Organic

We at Black Sense, reflect on Chai’s Indian roots. Our sirup consists of carefully selected, organic ingredients exclusively, and every single step of its production is handmade. We are convinced that a meticulous and mindful preparation shows in taste. We are a small family-run business that manufactures a unique Chai sirup for professional use at Cafés and Bars.

In our sirup the spicy aroma of raw can sugar and a genuine ayurvedic masala merge.

We consciously refrain from adding black tea to our sirup’s ingredients, because our careful preparation would lead to an over-extraction of the tea.

good reasons

Efficiency Black Sense Chai sirup is very efficient. Just add 10cl of milk/plant milk to 1cl of sirup to obtain the perfect mixture. Approximately 50 drinks result from 1 Liter of Sirup.

Consistency Unlike conventional Chai powder, Black Sense Chai sirup completely dissolves in hot milk, thus mingling in the cup.

Sustainability We run our production to 100% with eco-electricity and our bottles are recyclable, as to cause as few waste as possible.

Vegan A product that easily goes without any milk constituents, makes everyone happy – whether they are vegan or not.

No Theine Our Chai sirup is the perfect alternative to decaf coffee. Since our recipe goes without black tea, it is free from caffeine and theine.

Diverse Regardless if hot or cold, mixed with Espresso or Cold Brew, prepared as Chainade or Iced Chai – Our Chai sirup adds an exceptionally spicy flavor and tastes equally good with either milk or plant based alternatives.

Professional Chai Sirup - Established for Cafés

Pump 2 times, steam milk, pour over and the chai latte is ready.
No compromise, no chichi.

Our Masala


Translated from Hindi, Chai means “sweetened herbal tea”. Raw cane sugar, made by filtered, thickened, dried and ground, freshly cut sugar cane juice, provides the perfect sweet note.

Our Spices